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Fire Truck Snack


  • Graham crackers

  • Stick pretzels

  • Mini Oreos

  • whipped cream 

  • Red food coloring

  • Tool to spread the whipped cream

  • cups


  • Hand each student  

    • 1 whole graham cracker 

    • 1 small square of graham cracker for the window)

    • 3-4 pretzel sticks

    • 2 mini Oreos per student

    • A cup with whipped cream mixed with red food coloring (or have them mix it on their own)

  • Have the student spread some whipped cream on top of their graham cracker covering as much as they can

  • Using the pretzels they will make the ladder (breaking 1 into 3-4 smaller pieces)

  • They will place those pretzels on their graham cracker

  • Have the students place the small squared graham cracker on the left top corner 

  • Finally, have them place their 2 mini oreo cookies at the bottom of their graham crackers to add “wheels” to their fire truck

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