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Cinco de Mayo Sombrero Cookies


  • Pillsbury sugar cookie dough

  • Decorating gel

  • Sprinkles

  • Gumdrops


  • Using the pillsbury sugar cookie dough the teacher will   pre-bake the cookies 

    • As soon as the cookies are done baking the teacher will use a small glass container to give the cookie a small dent. As seen on the 3rd image.

  • Each student will get a pre-baked cookie

  • Have the students add a dollop of decorating gel to the middle of the cookie 

  • Have them place a gumdrop on top of the decorating gel

  • Have them add some sprinkles covering the rest of the gel around the gumdrop

  • Have the students add dots or a circle of decorating gel around the outer edge of the cookie 

  • Finally have the students cover the gel on the edge with sprinkles

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