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Celery & Fruit Bugs


  • Celery

  • Fillings

    • Whipped Cream Cheese 

    • Peanut Butter 

  • Toppings (can be just 1 option or all)

    • Fruit (Grapes, Blueberries, Apples, Oranges)

    • Gold Fish 

    • Ritz Cheese Bits


  • Cut celery into pieces 2-3 inches long

  • Give each student up to 3 pieces of celery

  • Place fruit or cracker options on the table 

  • Have the students spread cream cheese on the middle of each celery piece

  • Then they will line their goldfish/ritz bits/fruit along the center of the celery

  • Place their celery & fruit bugs on a plate to set aside in the fridge to eat later 

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